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Graduate Stabilization

Helping the families we serve not only succeed today but remain stable in their housing, financial capability and career paths tomorrow.

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Homelessness is dynamic. Many families have experienced multiple episodes of housing instability. Family Promise recognizes that solving any one experience with homelessness may not be sufficient. How do we stabilize families so they are no longer at risk of housing instability or even a return to homelessness? 

Family Promise is committed to supporting families at every point on their journey, and stabilizing families who have recently exited a Family Promise Program. 

Stabilization is necessary to reduce the rate of return to shelter by families. By staying engaged with families as they exit shelter, we can limit the trauma experienced by children and parents without homes. Stabilization also improves quality of life for families served. It helps families navigate secondary traumas: financial strains, employment barriers, unstable mental health, and previous debts. Finally, such programs contribute to stronger community relationships; Family Promise Stabilization programs can strengthen relationships with landlords, community partners, faith communities, and employers. 

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